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Login Hints

Helpful Hints for User Registration and Log-In

If you can­not log in to your Con­fTool account or have prob­lems cre­at­ing a new user account, please con­sid­er the fol­low­ing hints.

Please also note that you always find the con­tact e‑mail address of the respon­si­ble Con­gress orga­niz­er in the low­er left cor­ner of every Con­fTool screen (see image 1).

Fig. 1 Con­fTool Login Screen

Guide on How to Solve Log-In Problems with ConfTool

First­ly, please note that the user name and the pass­word are both case sen­si­tive, i.e. “peter” and “Peter” are two dif­fer­ent user names and/or pass­words. Fur­ther­more con­sid­er that some let­ters and num­bers look quite sim­i­lar, e.g. the cap­i­tal let­ter “O” and the num­ber zero “0” look alike but are dif­fer­ent sym­bols.

If you are unsure about your user name, please try to regain it by using the link “For­got­ten your user name?” on the login page. You will have to enter the e‑mail address that has been used for your account. If the sys­tem responds that “no user with your e‑mail address is reg­is­tered with Con­fTool”, one of the fol­low­ing rea­sons prob­a­bly applies:

  • You have used anoth­er e‑mail address dur­ing the reg­is­tra­tion process. Please also try your oth­er address­es.
  • You do not hold an account with this Con­fTool instance. Usu­al­ly, each Con­gress has its own user data­base, so if you reg­is­tered for one Con­gress, you will have to cre­ate a new account for oth­er Con­gress­es.
  • There was a typo in your e‑mail address when your account was estab­lished. Please con­tact the Con­gress orga­niz­ers, they will be able to update your account data.
  • You hold two user accounts (usu­al­ly with two dif­fer­ent e‑mail address­es).

If the above-men­tioned hints do not solve your prob­lem, please con­tact the Con­gress orga­niz­ers. They can eas­i­ly check:

  1. if you hold a user account,
  2. ver­i­fy (and update) your e‑mail address,
  3. send you your cur­rent user name and/or
  4. merge dupli­cat­ed accounts (if required).

They (usu­al­ly) can­not send you your pass­word, as it is encrypt­ed. So if you know your user name, but your pass­word does not work, please use the “For­got­ten your pass­word?” link. You will get an e‑mail to reset your pass­word.

If you are real­ly stuck, the Con­gress orga­niz­ers can also set a new user name and/or pass­word for you and send it to you.

Hints on How to Establish a New ConfTool Account

To cre­ate a new Con­fTool account, please type in your e‑mail address and click on “Reg­is­ter now” on the login page. Please fill in all fields marked with an aster­isk “*” before the label of the input field.

If you already hold a Con­fTool account for this Con­gress, do not cre­ate a sec­ond account for the same event in Con­fTool. For exam­ple: If you have already sub­mit­ted a paper, please use the same account to reg­is­ter for Con­gress par­tic­i­pa­tion, too.

If you try to cre­ate a sec­ond account with the same e‑mail address, you will get a cor­re­spond­ing error mes­sage. In that case, please use your e‑mail address to regain your user name and pass­word if you have for­got­ten them (see above). Please note: In some cas­es, orga­niz­ers have decid­ed to allow users to cre­ate sev­er­al accounts with the same e‑mail address; also in these cas­es, please use the same account for all actions relat­ed to one per­son.

There are some require­ments about the data when you cre­ate an account:

  • The e‑mail address must be valid. Con­fTool does sev­er­al tests to ensure that you enter a valid address to avoid typos. Your e‑mail address will be used to con­tact you about the event, the sub­mis­sion process and the par­tic­i­pant reg­is­tra­tion process.
  • The user name has to con­sist of at least 2 char­ac­ters, is case-sen­si­tive and must be unique, i.e., no oth­er Con­fTool user must already be reg­is­tered with the same name.
  • The pass­word has to con­sist of at least 5 char­ac­ters, is case-sen­si­tive and has to con­tain at least one Latin char­ac­ter (a‑z) and one num­ber (0–9).
  • The pass­word must not be sim­plis­tic, for instance, it must not be equal to your name.

If you have prob­lems cre­at­ing a user account, please con­tact the con­gress orga­niz­ers by e‑mail and include all required data. The con­gress orga­niz­ers will be able to assist you.